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The 2020 top 10 IT issues grouped into four themes

EDUCAUSE 2020 Top 10 IT Issues and how Curriculum Management fits in

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Each year, EDUCAUSE publishes its ‘Top 10 IT Issues’, curated by an expert panel of IT and non-IT leaders. While the list for 2020 was released before the COVID-19 pandemic, we still view these issues as highly relevant and offering important context for considering how Curriculum Management can contribute to the sector’s recovery. We have written previously about what we mean […]

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5 reasons to focus on Curriculum Management

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Universities have always had to manage the process of designing, approving and delivering a taught curriculum. But many organisations do this using word documents, manual processes and homegrown tools to support the exercise. If this sounds familiar, here are five reasons it’s time to revisit your approach. 1. Competition for students Competition for students globally […]