Simply better.

CourseLoop is a true end-to-end curriculum management system with superior ease of integration and user experience. Discover the advanced solution that's elevating student success worldwide.

Designed for Universities with insider expertise

Our end-to-end curriculum management software is built by higher education experts with hands-on university experience to create simply better solutions for today’s students, administrators, and academics.


The CourseLoop Platform has been designed and built through close collaboration with our university partners to solve real problems faced by higher education institutions.


The CourseLoop team has evolved from leaders within higher education, who developed the CourseLoop Platform to solve the problems they experienced first-hand and bring unique insights into the challenges encountered.


Our process is based on extensive experience implementing products within complex, multi-campus university environments in the US, the UK, and Australia, as well as navigating the challenges of migrating data from legacy systems.


Through our active community of CourseLoop users, we are able to crowd-source high-value items and ideas for our product roadmap as well as connect higher education organizations with a shared interest in simplifying the management of their curriculum.

Discover the solution you've been searching for

We've reinvented curriculum management by eliminating outdated processes with a superior user experience. Help your students plan their future with confidence.

Provide a positive student experience with a simply better catalog that amplifies your brand.

Make curriculum updates at the source and publish instantly on approval to your modern, mobile responsive, and intuitive student catalog, integrating seamlessly with your corporate style and branding.

Implement a definitive source of truth with dynamic workflow for all your curriculum information.

Replace unstructured, manually intensive processes and outdated technology with a single, definitive source for your complete curriculum.

Design and visualize curriculum maps and pathways to elevate the student experience.

Ensure the quality of your curriculum design by visualizing pathways that enable you to create the best possible student learning experience. Create and maintain curriculum maps with ease, removing the administrative overhead of maintaining relationships between items.

Publish progression pathways for advanced student outcomes.

Define and distribute student study plans that empower students to understand their learning pathway. Give your staff the tools they need to advise students with confidence and amplify student success.

Create, manage and publish quality micro-credentials with ease and get students career-ready with in demand skills.

Use our purpose-designed solution to quickly create, approve and assure stackable, portable micro-credentials for greater student choice. Capture and manage critical data for integration with badging platforms and publishing.

Simply better for everyone

For Registrars

Create cohesion across curriculum systems and propel students to success

For Academics

Experience advanced control with tools to build, map, approve, publish, and visualize curriculum

For IT

Be data confident and enjoy security, reliability, scalability, and performance with seamless integration

500,000+ students are studying curriculum managed on the CourseLoop Platform

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