Bring programs and courses to students faster with dynamic workflows.

CourseLoop enables you to improve workflow efficiency by giving staff total visibility and control so they can enjoy a cohesive and collaborative course proposal process without the burden of redundant tasks.

CourseLoop Curriculum Management

Integrated, streamlined, and purpose-built for a simply better curriculum.

Nimble Workflows

Reduce the cost and administrative overhead of approving your curriculum. Once created and configured to your needs, you can move your proposals through the approval process with transparency and confidence. CourseLoop streamlines the process to provide maximum visibility for a collaborative, assured, and efficient experience.

Collaboration Tools

Maximize the value of your academic and administrative staff’s knowledge and expertise. CourseLoop’s collaborative tools enable you to set tasks, send notifications, align the right documentation with meetings and more. Total visibility via the user dashboard builds trust and enables stakeholders to add value each step of the way.

Definitive Source of Truth

CourseLoop enables you to manage curriculum information from a single source with a solution that integrates seamlessly into the university’s wider technology landscape and removes the need for duplicate data entry across multiple locations.

Powerful Version Control

The CourseLoop curriculum management solution does all the version management for you. The latest version of any course, program or proposals is always at your fingertips. It is easy to maintain curriculum relationships, track and see changes between any two items in the database, or run a complete history audit.

Permission Management

CourseLoop enables you to manage who can access, use, and edit curriculum information by applying permissions at a granular level, ensuring that the right people have control of the right information.

"CourseLoop gives us the flexibility we need to configure the system to meet our processes. We have a comprehensive approach to curriculum management and having a flexible, platform-based solution is essential."


Curriculum management made for higher education

The total curriculum management solution designed with your needs in mind.

User Dashboard for speed and visibility
Access and manage proposals through the dashboard giving you greater visibility and control.
Intuitive and easy to use
The workflow interface is clean and simple, streamlining proposals and enabling remote access and dynamic processes.
One Source for Definitive Data
The complete curriculum captured in a single source of truth for a unified process and experience.
Automation for Streamlined Updates
Information is published online automatically as soon as it is approved with less time and hassle.


More than 85,000 academic and administrative staff at leading universities worldwide are benefiting from CourseLoop’s curriculum management solution every day.

What can a better curriculum management solution do for you and your staff?

Curriculum management is an essential capability within any university. If done well, it can save time and money and get new or updated offerings to students faster.

Say so long to tedious manual processes, clunky technology, and outdated user interfaces that hold up your proposals.

Curriculum management can be simply better.

  • Dynamic workflow allocation takes the guesswork out of the approval process for fast and confident action.
  • Powerful version control and change tracking support good decision making with fully auditable records for accreditation and reporting.
  • Automatically update information from a single source of truth, reducing removing the administrative burden while guaranteeing accurate information.
  • Collaborate with comments, tasks, and notifications to ensure everyone is kept abreast of the proposal process and that the right people contribute where and when they are needed.
  • Developed with universities for universities, our robust data model is comprehensive, highly structured, and configurable, ready to get your curriculum data ship-shape.

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