Empower your students with simply better advice.

CourseLoop enables you to create and publish degree plans, propelling your students to reach their goals.

CourseLoop Student Advising

Intuitive, integrated, and automated for a simply, better design for students.

Intuitive for Students

Give students the ability to self-serve for information any time, wherever they are. CourseLoop’s intuitive online degree plans offer clearly structured information published as part of the catalog so students can easily see the pathway to their qualification goal, supporting their retention and success.

Valuable for Student Advisors

Provide those responsible for advising students with the tools they need to ensure that their information is up to date and accurate. Staff can easily access recommended pathways through programs, cutting through the complexity and advising students with confidence.

Easy to Create and Maintain

Forget having to manually create PDF versions of degree plans. CourseLoop enables you to easily build and update degree plans based on the program rules you create and approve; they can just as easily be updated when something changes.

Accurate and Consistent

Be confident that the information you provide to students is correct. Because CourseLoop’s degree plans are created from the curriculum information you have approved and published, you can be absolutely sure that what you share with students is consistent and accurate.

Automatic Publishing

Take the administrative load off your shoulders. CourseLoop can automatically publish degree plans in your catalog connected to the relevant program, and creates links to all the courses, so you don’t have to.

"CourseLoop's experience supporting organizations with the size and complexity of UCLA has meant they have been able to guide us through the implementation process allowing us to overhaul our entire catalog system and approach. It's been wonderful to work with an organization that understands what we do and just gets it."


It’s all about student success

Support and retain your students with accessible advice.

Easy for Students to Find and Use
Degree plans published seamlessly as part of the catalog offer a reliable source of information for students.
Digital First Design
The degree plans are intuitive to explore and mobile responsive, available to your students wherever they are.
Integrated Solution for Data Confidence
Information is drawn from the approved program rules guaranteeing consistent and accurate advice.
Automatic Publication for Streamlined Updates
Degree plans are published and links are generated automatically for fast and easy updates.


Every month at leading universities worldwide, more than 895,000 students use a CourseLoop catalog to plan their studies.

How can degree plans support student retention and success?

Your students want to learn, but the amount of choice on offer and the complex rules which apply can be daunting.

Offering clear line-of-sight to a qualification goal and accurate advice on how to get there, is key to student retention and success.

Student advising can be simply better.

  • Simplify life for your students with recommended pathways through your programs.
  • Support student retention and success with clear advice that meets all the program rules.
  • Advise students with confidence, knowing that the information provided is accurate and consistent with program rules and course availability.
  • Create degree plans quickly and easily using an intuitive online interface, removing the need for manually created documents.
  • Offer a digital first experience to your students to search for and access information wherever they are, and with any device.

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