Micro-credentials, get students career-ready with in demand skills.

CourseLoop enables you to easily create, approve, and publish micro-credentials, offering your students modularized, flexible study options.

CourseLoop Micro-credential Management

Easy, fast, purpose-designed, and integrated to support your innovation.

Purpose designed data capture

Easily capture the information you need with standardized forms designed to support the creation of micro-credentials. CourseLoop allows you to capture critical data to promote stackability, portability, and curriculum assurance.

Streamlined approvals

Keep approval processes fast and effective for market-responsive offerings without compromising curriculum quality. Once created and configured to your needs, CourseLoop’s nimble workflows allow you to move your micro-credentials through the approval process with transparency and confidence.

Fully integrated and automated

Integrate your micro-credential information into your wider technology ecosystem, including badging platforms, using our REST APIs. Set up rules for automated publication directly to your catalog or shopfront, or use CourseLoop’s accessible and mobile-responsive display layer.

Flexible solutions

Choose the level of capability that best suits your needs. Essential capability enables you to capture and manage approvals of micro-credential curriculum information. Advanced capability adds the ability to map to standards frameworks, publish to a catalog, maintain curriculum marketing content, and manage reviews for continuous improvement.

"We recognised the strategic value of offering micro-credentials, and had identified that they required different curriculum structures and approval processes. We needed a vendor with a robust data model and proven integration to our LMS and other key systems. CourseLoop’s experience showed us they were the ones to help us transform and continue to deliver quality curriculum to students."

- Tim Hume, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Macquarie University

Micro-credentials, meet students and industry where they are

Micro-credentials Management designed so you can move in step with the needs of students and industry.

Flexible and scalable
Get up and running quickly with our out-of-the-box, configurable micro-credential management approach. Start small or scale to meet all your curriculum needs.
Intuitive and easy to use
The workflow interface is clean and simple, streamlining proposals and enabling fast, dynamic processes.
One source for definitive data
Curriculum information captured in a definitive source of truth for a unified process and experience.
Information where it’s needed
CourseLoop allows you to capture all the information required by students, governing bodies, and badging platforms.


Every month at leading universities worldwide, more than 895,000 students use a CourseLoop catalog to plan their studies.

What can CourseLoop Micro-credential Management do for you?

Students want and need more bite-sized approaches to learning through, for example, short, affordable options to upskill, reskill or cross-skill. Industry needs just-in-time skills for on-the-job learners. 

Having the ability to rapidly propose, create, approve, and publish new micro-credential offerings that demonstrate skills and knowledge proficiency in a specific discipline means you will be able to meet students and industry where they are, elevating job-ready graduates. 

Micro-credential Management
can be simply better.

  • Dynamic workflow allocation takes the guesswork out of the approval process for fast and confident action.
  • Collaborate with comments, tasks, and notifications to ensure everyone is kept abreast of the proposal process and that the right people contribute where and when they are needed.
  • Flexible data model which allows you to capture critical data to promote stackability, portability, and curriculum assurance.
  • Help students discover new pathways to success and promote lifelong learning.
  • Automatically update information from a definitive source of truth, removing administrative burden while guaranteeing accurate information for students.

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