Give students a deeper learning experience.

CourseLoop enables whole of program visual mapping for better curriculum design and the assurance of learning.

CourseLoop Curriculum Mapping

Powerful, visual, and integrated, simply better for curriculum design.

Build Curriculum Maps

Leverage structured curriculum data to easily create mapped relationships across the curriculum. CourseLoop’s Mapping Canvas automatically displays the courses in a program or major, and allows you to easily create relationships between learning outcomes, assessments and standards.

Visualize Your Design

Say goodbye to maps built with spreadsheets, whiteboards or sticky notes and string! CourseLoop gives you the whole-of-program visualization you’ve been waiting for, allowing you to design the best possible learning experience for your students.

Surface Actionable Insight

Focus on student outcomes and drive efficiency by identifying overlaps or gaps in learning. CourseLoop’s Insights Heatmap provides the insight you need to improve your curriculum design.

Evidence the Assurance of Learning

Support internal quality reviews and professional accreditation exercises by clearly showing how learning outcomes and assessments map to relevant standards. CourseLoop’s curriculum maps can be downloaded for inclusion in submissions.

Easily Maintain Your Maps

Ensure the ongoing integrity of the curriculum design, and take the pain out of accreditation processes. CourseLoop automatically updates the Mapping Canvas when you make changes to programs and courses, so it’s easy to maintain mapped relationships over time.

"Working with a partner who possesses a deep appreciation and understanding for the curriculum management domain was critical to our team, and CourseLoop was the clear choice."


Curriculum mapping for actionable insight

Curriculum mapping designed to help you drive student success.

Visualized Mapping
The intuitive mapping canvas makes it easy to visually connect assessments, learning outcomes and standards.
Designed for Insight
A whole-of-program view of mapped relationships allows you to identify opportunities to drive curriculum performance.
One Source for Definitive Data
Leverage the structured curriculum data in the platform to create mapped relationships for an integrated and efficient process.
Automatic updates for Impact Management
New and updated items are automatically included for mapping making it easy to stay on top of changes.


More than 85,000 academic and administrative staff at leading universities worldwide are benefiting from CourseLoop’s curriculum management solution every day.

What can curriculum mapping do for you and your students?

The ability to create and visualize mapped relationships between elements of the curriculum is essential to the assurance of learning for your students.

Create, visualise, and easily maintain your maps over time with a purpose built solution which takes the headache out of the process.

Curriculum mapping can be simply better.

  • Use your existing data to create your curriculum maps for a seamless and efficient process - no re-entry required.
  • Showcase your curriculum design for internal and professional accreditation exercises with downloadable views which evidence student outcomes.
  • Understand the impact of proposed changes to programs and courses with ‘approved’ and ‘proposed’ views of your map.
  • Easily adjust and maintain your maps over time as automatic updates keep information consistent and accurate.
  • Visualize a whole-of-program view for insight into gaps or overlaps in the student learning experience.

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