Bring your curriculum to life with a simply better catalog.

CourseLoop enables your catalog to broadcast the quality of your curriculum, effortlessly reflecting your brand and enabling you to provide a great student experience.

CourseLoop Catalog Publishing

Intuitive, integrated, and automated for a simply better design for students.

Intuitive User Interface

Provide an enhanced student experience by publishing your curriculum to an online catalog that reflects your theme, brand, and overall digital presence from the start. CourseLoop helps you avoid clunky disconnects in navigation through a catalog that integrates seamlessly with your University's website.

Fully Integrated and Automated

Reduce the cost and administrative overhead of producing your course catalog for better process and peace of mind. Once configured to your requirements, the CourseLoop Curriculum Publisher catalog automates the publishing process, validating data on input and translating it to defined page templates, removing the need to preview and publish each item manually.

Single Source of Truth

Have complete confidence in the accuracy of the information provided to students because it's automatically updated at the source. The CourseLoop Curriculum Publisher catalog removes the need for disclaimers and redirects to other sources of information by ensuring that the latest version of curriculum items are available in the catalog as soon as they are ready for publication.

Advanced Version History

Forget about having to create a new catalog for every academic year. The CourseLoop catalog solution provides full version control and consolidates all years into a single catalog with the new year's catalog enabled once it's ready for students to access. Students can easily switch between years to see different versions of Programs, Courses and other catalog content, and select the version most relevant to them.

Robust Search and Browse

Maximize the findability of your information through advanced catalog search capabilities. Staff and students can browse curriculum items by high level categories and search with more specificity using multiple filters adaptable to their needs. With SEO built in, the catalog ensures that current and prospective students can search less and find more of the information they need.

"CourseLoop's experience supporting organizations with the size and complexity of UCLA has meant they have been able to guide us through the implementation process allowing us to overhaul our entire catalog system and approach. It's been wonderful to work with an organization that understands what we do and just gets it."


The catalog publishing gamechanger

Catalog publishing designed with your students' needs in mind.

Designed for Today's Student
A clean and intuitive design with your branding applied for a great student experience at every touch point.
Accessible and Responsive
The catalog is built for accessibility and mobile responsiveness for ease of use no matter the device.
One Source for Definitive Data
The complete curriculum captured in a single source of truth for a unified process and experience.
Process Automation for Streamlined Updates
Information is published online automatically as soon as it is approved with less time and hassle.


Every month at leading universities worldwide, more than 895,000 students use a CourseLoop catalog to plan their studies.

What can a better catalog do for you and your students?

The curriculum you design and the catalog choice you provide students is at the heart of your institution’s experience.

Say so long to tedious manual processes, clunky technology, and outdated user interfaces that keep your students from reaching their goals.

Catalog publishing can be simply better.

  • Simply better designed catalogs remove frustration and draw attention to the best courses your university has to offer.
  • Set the tone for the experience that students can expect from your institution with a catalog that delivers an exemplary first impression to prospective students.
  • Automatically update information from a single source of truth, removing administrative burden while guaranteeing accurate information for students.
  • Make discovery simple for students with an easy to search catalog, allowing them to find crucial information at their fingertips.
  • Give the digital-first generation of students the modern tools and user experience they expect, showing them your university values well-designed tech.

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