Curriculum Management Solutions

      Curriculum Design

      High-quality curriculum design is not only at the heart of every university’s mission to educate and attract students – it’s central to student success.

      Designing curriculum without the right tools can make it difficult for your team to collaborate effectively. Cumbersome spreadsheets and lack of visibility can make a streamlined ‘whole of course’ approach seem impossible.

      The CourseLoop Platform provides a complete curriculum management solution that allows you to initiate new or amended curriculum items by creating easy-to-manage proposals in an intuitive user interface with forms and workflows configured specifically for your requirements. CourseLoop’s design modules enable collaborative whole-of-course curriculum design, curriculum mapping and the assurance of learning. A carefully designed tool-set supports the pre-approval phase of curriculum design in an online environment where colleagues can work together to build out and test ideas, visualise curriculum maps and pathways and design the best possible student learning experience.

      Governance Workflow

      It’s hard to keep up with changing student demands when it takes so much time and manual effort to introduce new courses or enhance existing ones.

      If your current curriculum management relies on inefficient, unstructured manual processes or technology that is out of date, rigid, or a limited point solution, CourseLoop offers better control, strategic oversight and an intuitive user interface. 

      The CourseLoop Platform makes Curriculum Management responsive, efficient and easy-to-govern. With automated workflows which offer built-in compliance, it’s easy to initiate, review and approve your curriculum changes, maintaining all the history with definitive version management. CourseLoop also creates a definitive source of curriculum information with seamless integration across all of your systems without the challenges of manual data entry and risks to your data integrity.

      Publishing and Integration

      Once approval workflows are successfully managed in the CourseLoop Platform, your curriculum information can have a direct impact on your student recruitment, admissions and enrolment, timetabling and budgeting.

      With CourseLoop, you can have a definitive source of truth for your curriculum information. This can then be integrated across all of your platforms, without the challenges of manual data entry and risks to your data integrity. The CourseLoop publishing engine presents information to your current and future students in a clear, contemporary and mobile-responsive way.

      Curriculum Engagement

      Today’s students demand flexibility when considering what and where to study – but too many choices can get complicated.

      The CourseLoop Platform allows you to present information to your current and future students in an easy-to-understand way, and then makes it easy for students and student advisors to explore curriculum offerings and course plan options.

      The CourseLoop Platform has been designed to help students engage with your curriculum in an informed, personalised way. It integrates with your student management system to apply a student’s information and academic history to your curriculum requirements, offering personalised study planning, enrolment support and a clear route ahead to success.

      Take the first steps today

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